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Avox - Business Process Management

NTT DATA has improved the data cleansing process – with Six Sigma tools and procedures. The result: on average 30 per cent less processing time per data record and 50 per cent lower correction rate in quality assurance.

The data cleansing process was to be improved – with Six Sigma tools and procedures.

The most important improvements 

The following improvements were to be achieved through targeted measurement of times, capacities and quality:

  • Improved "cause study": determine and rectify the causes of deviations faster
  • Fewer errors: reduced error rate 
  • More efficiency: being able to process more data in the same time 
  • More satisfied customers: increased customer satisfaction

And last but not least, the process improvements should free up capacities so that the business model can be expanded. 

 NTT DATA's services

  • Proof of Concept: Conduct Proof of Concept 
  • Workflow tool: Support for development and introduction of a workflow tool 
  • Six Sigma: Successful implementation of Six Sigma projects 
  • Certification: Certification of Avox employees 

The benefits for the customer

Improved profitability: When the project was concluded, Avox's profitability increased. This is directly due to the amount of data that each analyst can process within a given time. The specific improvements 

  • Less processing time: On average 30 per cent less processing time per data record 
  • Lower correction rate: 50 per cent lower correction rate in quality assurance

 Other benefits

  • Savings in the high six-digit range: As a result of the process improvements Avox Ltd. saves several hundred thousand euros per year. 
  • More customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is improved thanks to the high quality of the data and full compliance with the SLAs arranged with customers. 
  • More capacities: Capacities were also freed up for the planned expansion of the business model.