Banca d'Italia - CSM functionalities

Within the CABI project (“Banca d'Italia Application Centre"), Banca d'Italia has selected the NTT DATA VTPie sw platform, following a public tender.

Within the CABI project (“Banca d'Italia Application Centre"), Banca d'Italia has selected the NTT DATA VTPie sw platform, following a public tender. The project will be delivered in conjunction with the project partner support of ICBPI-Equens. The realisation of the system will allow: 

  • CSM functionalities (Clearing and Settlement Mechanism) for the exchange and settlement management of retail payment instruments like pan-European SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT), SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) Core and B2B;
  • Service of “STEP2 intermediation" to allow banks to take advantage of the tools offered by the SCT and SDD retail STEP2 payments system operated by EBA Clearing;
  • Execution of back-office activities related to corporate and retail payments sent / received by the bank itself or on behalf of third parties