Union Investment – Business Process Management

NTT DATA has realized an open source-based EAI and SOA environment for Union IT Services - for more flexibility and quicker development of new integration applications.

Osiris – migration of SOA to an open source platform

Union IT Services wanted to replace its existing SOA platform. 

Background: It had become too expensive to continuously develop and modernise the solution. Furthermore, the functionality no longer met current requirements. 


More flexibility with improved performance – these were the main demands for the new solution. Thus, Union IT Services decided on an open source strategy based on 

  • Java Business Integration 
  • Apache ServiceMix 
  • JBoss Application Server

The goals: 

  • Better replaceability of components 
  • More stable life cycle of the integration landscape 

NTT DATA's services 

  • Market analysis: Support in the market analysis 
  • Proof of Concept: Proof of Concept for the new platform 
  • Implementation: Implementation of the new platform 
  • Migration: Migration support 
  • Development: Continuous development of the solution 

The benefits for the customer

Union IT Services now operates a cutting edge, open source-based EAI and SOA environment. The advantages of the new solution are 

  • Flexibility: Interfaces can be developed twice as fast. Dr. Olaf Zeitnitz, Managing Director of Union IT Services explained "It’s a good feeling to be no longer dependent on proprietary solutions. We can act much more flexibly these days."
  • Cost savings: There are no licence fees, development expenditure is also lower.
  • More performance: A real performance boost was achieved. 
  • Lower operating costs: "We were mainly looking for more quality - but of course we are happy that we no longer have to pay licence fees and the lower expenditure for development also has a positive effect on our operating costs." Dr. Olaf Zeitnitz, Managing Director of Union IT Services