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DEVK Versicherungen – Contact Centre Solution

NTT DATA implemented a modern contact centre solution from Genesys for DEKV in Europe. A novelty for DEVK was the introduction of a voice portal for the customer's initial contact by phone.

NTT DATA implemented the first contact centre solution from Genesys in Europe

The project started shortly before Christmas 2009 and our contact centre team had just finished successfully installing a Genesys solution for the insurance company HUK Coburg. Time was of the essence. A contact centre solution from Genesys in the latest version and a voice portal module were to be up and running at DEVK within six months. "The first one in the whole of Europe," we can say proudly.

In budget, in time and in quality

To achieve these ambitious goals, fixed milestones were agreed throughout the six-month duration of the project. The NTT DATA experts spent a third of the time working on the concept, another third configuring the system and the months of May and June were available for testing and starting up the contact centre. "We reported regularly to the DEVK Steering Committee and at no time did I have the feeling that we wouldn't be able to finish on time," says project management, "The entire project was in budget, in time and in quality. I knew that I could always rely on my team."

Fast switching via a voice portal

A novelty for DEVK was the introduction of a voice portal for the customer's initial contact by phone. A professional speaker welcomes the callers and asks then to say "Claim" or "Service". They are routed immediately to the responsible staff member – with no loss of time or image. The Genesys solution saves customers from having to navigate complex menu structures or enter key commands.

Complete solution with 100 processes

The DEVK project involved about 20 people, with NTT DATA providing five contact centre experts who were supported in special areas by programmers in the Munich headquarters. NTT DATA planned, configured and started up the system and trained responsible persons in the specialist areas and in the IT department. DEVK coordinated the input from the specialist areas in workshops and carried out the tests and training for all users on the basis of the train-the-trainer principle. In the system installation NTT DATA built and configured eight servers with about 100 processes – with success obviously. At the end of June and start of July the contacts were simply switched over to the new system. In the meantime a lot of more processes and issues are involved within the Genesys system, and it is showing, that the solution is planned for the future.

High level of satisfaction on both sides  

"My expectation for the project and the service provider NTT DATA were not only fulfilled, they were surpassed. For me, on the whole this is one of the most successful projects that we have had with DEVK to date."

Thomas Remmel, Head of the Main Department for Project Portfolio Management and Company Organisation