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Mi, 09 Dezember 2020 - 15 Minuten

Back 2 smart Stadium

Getting fans back with new technology during COVID-19 crises.

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The corona crisis of 2020 has affected people, companies and countries worldwide. Life has changed dramatically and has not returned to “normal”. Nevertheless, what was “normal”? It was normal to work in a clear working environment, to meet friends, to travel, to enjoy life without any restriction and to gather in big sporting events, concerts, trade fairs and festivals.

However, due to the pandemic most of those activities have been cancelled or restricted and the “new normal” was born. The impact of the corona crisis has reached all aspects of life and sport clubs are right now in front of a crucial decision. Are they going to let Covid-19 interfere with their businesses in a way that endangers their financial integrity or are they going to invest in the future? Invest in smart solutions, which are able to help them along the crisis and beyond. The future and investments often hold something fearful because of uncertainties however they are full of opportunities to change in the right direction.

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