What Buyers Need to Know About Its Ambitions Outside Japan | NTT DATA

Fr, 14 August 2020 - 12 Minuten

What Buyers Need to Know About Its Ambitions Outside Japan

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Executive Snapshot: NTT DATA Outside of Japan at a Glance

NTT DATA has large ambitions to make customers successful outside of Japan, and while it employs a strategy to "deliver greater value based on regional needs," its hybrid culture and differentiation are based on its Japanese roots. For example, while sustainability and social responsibility are a hot topic right now, NTT DATA's focus on it is deeply embedded in the company's corporate DNA going back to its founding in 1988. Its focus on trust and long-term client relationships is also key to understanding NTT DATA.

Key Takeaways

  • NTT DATA's core values (client first, foresight, and teamwork) not only underpin the firm's culture but also become a lens for selecting companies to be acquired and how firms are handled post acquisition.
  • Its regional focus does not prevent the regions from collaborating or developing global digital offerings or creating a global sales strategy for its very largest clients that operate in mulitple geographies.
  • NTT DATA is vendor agnostic and works with hardware, software, and services partners, including NTT Ltd. (e.g. former NTT Communications, Dimension Data, and NTT Security), to best meet client needs.
  • In North America and EMEA, NTT DATA hast strong industry capabilities in automotive, banking, insurance, healthcare, telecom/media, life science, public sector, manufacturing, and energy.

Recommended Actions

  • Assess cultural fit with prospective providers at the beginning of the selevtion process, not at the end.
  • If your organization is not among NTT DATA's focus industries, investigate how best practices from one of those industries might benefit your operations or whether its cross-industry digital offers would be valuable to you.
  • Push NTT DATA to connect the dots between how its assets from other regions can benefit you.
  • Aks NTT DATA how the NTT Group's R&D efforts and labs can benefit you and your transformational goals.


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