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Di, 08 Januar 2019 - 120 Minuten

Blockchain Services RadarViewTM 2018

Preparing for the Next Big Thing

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Executive Summary

True disruption, becoming real

  • Discount the hyperbolic hype, and blockchain is still a game changing technology that will progress from business simplification to radical new revenue stream creation in 3-5 years
  • On average, the number of active blockchain clients nearly tripled for blockchain services providers in last twelve months

2019: the year blockchain comes alive

  • As enterprise-grade distributed ledger platforms matured, nearly a quarter of active blockchain projects entered the pilot stage
  • These pilot projects will be assessed for business value in the next 18 months, and a number of these will reach the next stage of enterprise production

Expanding industry base and use cases

  • Banking, financial services and manufacturing, with nearly a 60% contribution to blockchain services revenue, are the adoption pioneers
  • A deluge of use cases are emerging in retail and CPG, insurance, government, utilities and resources and healthcare and life sciences

Talent crunch and integration inexperience

  • With less than 6% projects currently in implementation, there is limited availability of talent with real world enterprise grade integration experience
  • Service providers are starting to ramp up skills in this area through creative hiring and upskilling of internal resources

Permissioned blockchain is set to accelerate

  • Permissioned blockchains will emerge as the blockchain of choice for enterprises because of their governance, performance and scalability advantages
  • Over 2.5 times increase in membership in key permissioned blockchain consortiums in the last 12 months, which will continue moving forward

Convergence with other emerging technologies

  • Enterprises will harness the multiplier effect of blockchain by using it in conjunction with other technologies, such as internet of things and artificial intelligence
  • Enterprises and core technology providers are already filing patents for technologies at the intersection of blockchain and internet of things

Provider landscape will align to enterprise adoption

  • Enterprise-grade blockchain-as-a-service solutions will emerge as the standard for blockchain development and deployment
  • Market will lean towards providers with enterprise experience as the associated change management challenges get revealed during production

New regulations and standards

  • As blockchain disrupts business models, regulatory and standards bodies will play an increasingly important role in providing clear, growth-oriented frameworks
  • Enterprises are already building lobbying teams for blockchain policy development to work with regulatory bodies


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