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Do, 30 April 2020 - 60 Minuten

Insurtech Global Outlook 2020


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Our fourth edition of the Insurtech Global Outlook represents a significant change in the way we understand the transformation of the insurance industry, in terms of insurtechs, as well as TechGiants and other actors that are breaking into the sector.

This year, we have expanded the approach, including new aspects such as analysis by regions and emerging markets, a greater attention to insurtech but also in investors, a special focus on Outliers, liquid ecosystems (a framework that allows us to explain our vision on how people and organizations are understanding a new way of connecting and interacting with the different actors in their environment, which also includes insurers and where there are risks and opportunities), an in-depth analysis of how the commitment to invest in insurance-related startups is causing the fragmentation of the value chain, and with a special chapter regarding the prediction of successful startups within the insurance field.

To provide this new insight and deep data analysis, we leveraged inttrend, an AI & data-driven market intelligence platform (which has been developed by everis and NTT DATA) that helps corporates to make better growth strategies and business development decisions.

inttrend gathers and processes the most relevant public and private data-sources to offer a comprehensive view of innovation and business ecosystems in (near) real-time. We have harnessed the capabilities of this tool to perform an in-depth analysis of around 1000 insurtechs to draw a series of valuable conclusions to better understand trends and the main changes that occur in the field of the insurance sector and how insurtechs cover a fundamental role in it. Finally, this year we have also evolved the Insurtech Global Outlook website, where will be available new features and content. This updated version will complement our vision and allow users to search, find and analyze information from their own point of view.


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