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Mo, 15 Januar 2018 - 32 Minuten

Dealers towards digitalization

The future is digital

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  1. The future is digital.
    and what is digital will influence us in all areas of our life and our relationship with others. The automobile and its sales and service channel will not be an exception.
  2. The network must be gradually adapted to the new reality.
    Digital transformation must not imply a revolution, but rather technological elements, cultural changes, and new processes must be adopted increasingly and as a result of a solid strategy. This adaptation should have already started.
  3. People are key.
    Technology is a tool, but human beings are the protagonists. Customers are the center of everything that happens and external co-workers and employees are the actors who make decisions and execute the processes to give the customer a better experience.
  4. Information is power.
    Customers want to be given an experience suited to their tastes, preferences, and needs at all times. To this end, information based on data, which must be obtained from very diverse sources and will require advance analysis capabilities to become true quality information, will be needed.
  5. The car dealership will play a different role.
    In a near future, the sale of vehicles will not be the main purpose of the car dealership, instead these dealerships will gradually become experience centers that the customer will visit in order to “feel” the brand.
  6. The distribution of the network will change.
    This change will be faster and more prominent in urban zones, were the number and size of the points of sale will reduce and will move close to the customer, occupying places in commercial city zones. These will be places full of technology that will be conceived so that the customer knows and falls in love with the brand, its product, and services, but where the operations will not close in most cases. Post-sale installations will also undergo a transformation, turning into more technological places which will rarely be accessed by the customer, who will be able to turn in and pick up their vehicle at home, and will monitor the state of their repair from digital devices and from the comfort of their home.
  7. The relationship between the manufacturer and their network must also be modified,
    being much more open, collaborative, and based on the handling of shared and quality information. The incentive and price fixing policies must also be reviewed, in order to get away from the current low margin models

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